How to get Halong Bay

To get Halong Bay, tourists have several options to choose: by road way, water way or air way. In general, transport of Halong Bay is easy but you had better concern some factors of health, time and budget before travelling.

By Road Way To Halong bay 
By road way is the most popular and also the best way to get to Halong Bay by Rosa Eco bus as the highway in good condition and reasonable cost

By Water Way To Halong Bay
To get to Halong Bay by water way, tourists can travel by ferry or by vessel. From Binh Ferry, embark a ferry transfer in around 2-3 hours to Halong Bay.

By Air Way To Halong Bay 
From Gia Lam Heliport, tourists can have a transfer by helicopter to Halong. It can be accompanied with a helicopter tour to visit Halong Bay.